Skate Muskoka & COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic had and continues to have a very significant impact on amateur sports including Figure Skating. Many teams, clubs and organizations are still working to find a way to operate within the regulations set by their provincial and national sports organizations. For the Bracebridge Figure Skating Club and its skaters the pandemic caused a very abrupt end to the season.

In addition to shortening our 2019/2020 season, COVID caused some other interruptions to the normal flow of business for the club.

The 2020 AGM was postponed until a new format could be decided upon and eventually the board agreed on a virtual gathering. During the AGM the Board of Directors made the unanimous decision to rename and rebrand the skating club. Skate Muskoka and its new logo was officially introduced at the AGM. The Board decided that as the skating club was evolving, expanding and welcoming skaters from other Muskoka area communities, this was the perfect opportunity to rebrand. The Board of Directors wanted a name that was welcoming, inclusive and supportive of our skaters and their families. Whichever club, or community you are from, we are all Skate Muskoka. We are all welcome. 

Working together, having fun, fostering positive sportsmanship, creating recreation for life and of course the love of skating is our focus. 

We missed you all and we can’t wait to get our blades on the ice. 

Yours in skating,

Skate Muskoka, Volunteer Board of Directors